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You’ve spent the time interning, getting your degree, and all the other things that come with crafting the skills for your dream job. You don’t have time to scour the web for the best places to post your resume or search for jobs! Below is a curated list of biology jobs related to plants and fossils.

Note: this list consists of active publishing partners who have content in BioOne Complete

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

The American Society of Plant Taxonomists focuses on the field of plant taxonomy and herbaria to foster, encourage, and promote education and research.

View all job openings in order by date posted.

Post openings for jobs, internships, fellowships, and post docs. Submit your job opportunity via their online form.


Botanical Society of America

If you’re looking for a career in the plant sciences, look no further.

This not-for-profit membership society promotes botany via formal and informal plant education.


The Botanical Society of America posts post-doctoral, fellowship, and career opportunities.

Submit your opportunity via their detailed online form.


Natural Areas Association

The Natural Areas Association is a national, nonprofit dedicated to supporting and advancing natural areas.

Their member portal allows you to post or search jobs for free.


Paleontological Society

The Paleontological Society is an international nonprofit devoted to the advancement of paleontology including invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology, micropaleontology, and paleobotany.

To include your job announcement on their site, forward your information to Jobs will remain posted until the application deadline or 3 months, whichever comes first.


Society for Freshwater Science

The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) is an international scientific organization to better understand freshwater ecosystems (rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries).

SFS members, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations can post for free; however, for-profit companies can post for free but with a suggested $35 donation.

Send job advertisements to Acceptable postings will go live within 48 business hours.


Society for Sedimentary Geology

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) has some great opportunities for those in the field of geoscience.

Contact Hayley at to post a job opportunity.


Society for Vector Ecology

The Society for Vector Ecology is committed to solving complex problems in the field of vector biology and control.

Contact for posting positions.


Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

The object of The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology is to advance the science of vertebrate paleontology and to conserve and preserve fossil sites.

Submit a postings by filling out their form. Note: there is a 500 character limit for job summary and a 3,500 character limit for the description - SCP reserves the right to edit postings for brevity


Southwestern Association of Naturalists

The Southwestern Association of Naturalists is open to anyone interested in the biology, natural history, and conservation of the flora and fauna of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central America.  

Their job-board is intended to connect prospective students or researchers with professors, students, and institutions in need of graduate students, research assistants, or post docs. Their website is available in English and Spanish.

Send your job postings to


Weed Science Society of America

The Weed Science Society of America is a non-profit society promoting research, education, and awareness of weeds in natural ecosystems.

Submit a job posting by filling out their detailed submission form. They accept international advertisements for permanent, term, postdoctoral, or graduate student positions.


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